The Plant Channel is an online hub centering on the continually evolving world of The Cannabis Plant. We bring the world’s cannabis community and rapidly emerging national industry together in one location where everyone can discover the unparalleled benefits and plethora of uses for cannabis in a communal and entertaining fashion. We show many sides through a content mix of original programs, indie films, documentaries, specials, internet videos, user-generated content, and blogs.

People have to literally search for marijuana and hemp information and entertainment because it’s broken up and spread across the internet. The Plant Channel solves that problem by giving you one centralized hub to discuss, debate, organize, strategize, market emerging industry products, and watch all things cannabis. This is a great opportunity for those connected to cannabis in any way to be a part of an all-inclusive website providing valuable social, political, educational, and entertaining information regarding all forms of cannabis.

While the fight for the legalization continues, The Plant Channel is dedicated to showing different sides of the marijuana and hemp movement. We have several original cannabis related projects in various stages of development and production. We’re also looking for exciting, professionally produced cannabis web series, shows, documentaries, and feature films to distribute on the channel.

The cannabis industry and community has an amazing voice that isn’t being heard through mainstream media. Our platform allows that voice to be heard!

TPCCTPC Connects provides a way for cannabis enthusiasts to find and buy products from a variety of businesses in the industry. No more searching through page after page on Google. We’ve narrowed the search down for you to the best of the best companies in the industry. TPC Connects also provides a targeted marketing approach for companies who can’t advertise their product in the traditional way.

Medical marijuana companies and other cannabis related products can’t advertise on television and radio. Instead, they are using print and now taking advantage of internet advertising. The Plant Channel draws viewers that are more likely to use your products because they are cannabis consumers and supporters. Our viewers look to us for the latest in trends, information, and products. We can put your business front and center with people who want your products and services.

tpcmTPC Members gives its members a social platform to grow and share their culture and experience. People use the plant for many different reasons and it improves the lives of millions around the world. As an advocate for legalization, TPC Members provides a forum for those voices to be heard. TPC MEMBERS are activists, patients, professionals, business owners, politicians, lobbyists, and users of cannabis and hemp. We’re here to share our stories and experiences with each other and help make changes across the country that will help us reform marijuana laws. You now belong to a special club where you can interact with people who share your passion and enthusiasm for the plant.